Everything You Need to Know About Portugal


Portugal is situated in south Western Europe. Portugal is present besides Atlantic coast of the Iberian. In east and north, Spain and Portugal shares a border. Portugal is spread over 16 percent of Iberian Peninsula. It has population of 10 million people including Madeira and Azores.

It is small in size but still it shows diversity in its geographical features. It has golden plains and mountainous zones.

Portugal’s Cultural Heritage

It is a small country, but being a member of European Union and NATO, it participates actively in both European and world affairs.
The cultural of Portugal is related to the past that includes the prehistoric times, in which it seems influenced by the variety of countries and their tradition for so many years. You will find throughout Portugal, the leftover of rich legacy of archaeological remain that belongs to ancient societies and eras of Roman and Moorish invasions.


Some amazing cultural charms includes Escoural where you will see antique cave paintings, Conimbriga which is the Roman township, the Temple of Diana in Evora and the Moorish architecture of southern towns Olhão and Tavira, all these can be found throughout the country.

Portuguese arts will be found influenced by the foreign culture that includes Flemish, French, and Italian. The Portuguese discoverer travelled country to country, and opened their own country to Oriental inspiration. They opened Portugal to exposed Brazil’s wealth of gold. A giant cultural legacy is present in Portugal which hasn’t discovered yet.

Portuguese Fusion Cuisine

Wine and food of Portugal are very popular. You will get a delicious food in upmarket restaurants. Local tascas is a superb cuisine. Vegetarian restaurants are also present their which offer vegetarian dishes or Portuguese fusion cuisine.

Vegetable Garden in Portugal

A large number of continental Portugal earns their living through agriculture. Their exports in farming do not make up majority of the economy. Portugal is famous for its exports like wines, fruits specifically Oranges, olive oil, cherries and pears. For the past few years, Portugal has seen focusing on commerce for their earnings.

Pulp & Paper Equipment and Service

Portugal is covered mostly by forests. Half of the world’s cork is being produced by Portugal due to large number of trees present there. Major companies of the world are founded in Portugal including famous paper company of the world. They are the largest producer of the things that are made up of wood in the world. They also produce canned fishes. Fishing industry of Portugal is the oldest one.

Cement Industry in Portugal

There are also other industries which are present in Portugal and produces export quality of units that are found worldwide. Like cement, refineries, plastic products, textiles, and construction etc.


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